frequently asked questions

Which Bible reading plan is The Bible Recap following?

We’re doing the 1-Year Chronological Plan (by Blue Letter Bible) on the Bible app (by YouVersion / Life Church). There are many 1-Year Chronological Plans, so be sure to use the one we’ve linked to.

Is there a printout of the reading plan I could use instead of signing up on the Bible app?

Yes! You can print the Whole Bible Plan (1 Year) or the New Testament Plan (3 months)*
*Note: We begin the New Testament Plan on October 1, 2019.

Which chronological Bible should I buy?

We recommend that you don’t buy a chronological Bible, because it will likely be laid out differently than our plan. Instead, just use your regular print Bible or listen along via the Bible app.

I missed the Jan 1 start date and want to start now. How can I do that?

Great! It’s ALWAYS the right time to start reading your Bible! We recommend you start the reading plan with Day 001 (Genesis 1-3) no matter what time of year you join us. Much of our podcast builds on earlier pieces of information, so it’s preferable to start at the beginning instead of jumping in where we currently are.

To get started, follow the steps on our start page. Then, depending which podcast app you’re using (we recommend the Podcast app by Apple), you can often find a setting that allows you to play sequentially, as opposed to “play most recent episode first”. If you can’t find that setting in your chosen app, try doing an internet search (Google, etc.) to see if it’s an option and/or how to locate it in your chosen app. Then you’ll just read along with the plan daily and select the “next” podcast each day!

Can men do this plan too or is it only for women?

Yes, men can do this plan! We have many male listeners. There are entire churches doing the plan together, as well as entire families, including children!

You made a mistake in something you said. How can I let you know?

Thanks for listening so attentively! We make every effort not to misrepresent things, make mistakes, or communicate poorly, but with the sheer volume of work required for a project like this, it’s bound to happen from time to time (though we always hate it when it does)! Please trust your Bible more than our podcast -- if we ever say something in error, you already know who is right (and it isn’t us). :) We have a team of people assigned to listen for any errors that make it to the podcast, and they report back to us, so we likely already know about the error you’ve also caught. We aim to edit out any/all errors before the episodes re-air in 2020. Thank you for your grace as we aim to put so much content together for you at such a fast clip!

Where are the “show notes” you keep mentioning?

The show notes are in different places depending on the app you’re listening to. For many apps, you just swipe up. If that doesn’t work for your app, try googling the name of your app and the words “show notes”. By the way, show notes are more like credits; they are not transcripts.

Do you have transcripts available?

We do! They are offered through our Patreon community at the $7 / month level.

Do I have to be in D-Group to do the Bible Recap?

No, anyone can listen in!

How does The Bible Recap vary from D-Group?

The Bible Recap is just a tool to help you with daily Bible reading, D-Group is a group that meets weekly, in person, and is led by someone who has been through our training program. We have full curriculum built out to help you with various other aspects of your walk with God: weekly Bible study, prayer, service, scripture memory, accountability, etc. For more information on D-Group, visit our website.

Is it overly ambitious to try to do The Bible Recap and D-Group simultaneously?

No. There are lots of people who are doing both! In D-Group we encourage people to read the Bible daily, and many people find that The Bible Recap is a great way to do that!

I’m in the Eastern Hemisphere and your podcast doesn’t load until the end of my day. Could you load it earlier?

Thanks for listening! What most people in the Eastern Hemisphere choose to do is follow our plan one day late, that way the podcast has loaded for you by the time you read (i.e. Instead of starting Day 001 on January 1, you’d wait until January 2.)

Will you be doing this again next year?

We do not plan to record any new episodes next year, but we do plan to reload all the 2019 episodes again under the heading “Year 2” and add more bonuses available DAILY to our Patreon Community. Our hope is to provide this plan every year for anyone who wants to join us!

I have a lot of questions about what I’m reading. Where can I ask them?

We have a discussion group for our lowest level of Patreon support ($3/month) where other members of our community can field your questions, and we have a Q&R (“Question & Response”) Video Hangout each month for our highest level of Patreon support ($50/month), where we aim to tackle your questions directly. We’d love for you to join us in one or both of those! Click here for more info on joining our Patreon Team!

Where can I find the customized journal?

Thanks for asking! We have it available in our store.

I ordered a journal but it didn’t arrive.

Thanks for your order! First, check your spam folder or your promotions folder (if you have Gmail) to see if it landed there. If it’s not there, please contact us to let us know! We want to make sure you get it!

I’m interested in going on your Israel trip, but I want my husband to go too. Can men join?

Yes! Men are welcome on all our trips. Check out all the info on D-Group’s website.

I’m interested in booking Tara-Leigh for a speaking engagement. How do I do that?

Thank you! Please fill out the Booking Request Form on Tara-Leigh’s website. Look for the button on the Speaking page that says “Click Here to Fill Out the Speaker Request Form”.

I want to mail you something. Where can I send it?

Thank you! Our shipping address is on the Contact page.

Is it “Tara” or “Tara-Leigh”?

She will answer to anything, but usually prefers to be called “Tara-Leigh” or “TLC”.